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O'Donnell Griffin lauch pre-summer check campaign


Play it safe with a pre-summer check-up on your electrical systems.

Unpredictable peak summer power loads, higher temperatures and humidity can play havoc with your and power supplies. So as summer approaches, it is important to check the performance of your electrical systems and standby generators. You need assurance that your facility is able to avoid peak load downtime.

A pre-summer check on your electrical systems will assess if your systems will withstand the strain of increased demands and minimise the chance of an outage.

Key components of a preliminary assessment of your power systems conducted by our expert technicians include:

  • An investigation of your power facilities to identify areas of concern
  • A review of previous maintenance records to ensure risks are adequately addressed and minimised
  • An asset assessment to highlight areas that require further analysis and condition monitoring
  • A report outlining recommendations for maintenance and remedial actions to correct any problem areas
Testing will also ensure that you are prepared for power fluctuations and failure outside your installation caused by unpredictable local area energy supply and environmental factors.

O’Donnell Griffin’s expertise is the best insurance against the vagaries of summer. We can recommend, design and install your electrical, then follow up with testing and maintenance to ensure seamless performance and optimal energy efficiency all year round.

Call O’Donnell Griffin on 1300 100 634 and ask about our ‘pre-summer check’ before 30 October 2010 to ensure your power supplies remain stable all summer long.

Haden, a sister company within the Norfolk Group, is a leading air conditioning and mechanical engineering services provider. To view Haden’s pre-summer check offer, visit .

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