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O’Donnell Griffin charged with installing clean car infrastructure solution


One of the great unanswered questions of electric motoring has been where and how drivers can recharge their cars.

The answer can be found at one of Australia’s first network charge spots at Belconnen Fresh Food Markets in Canberra.

Electrical and communications engineering firm O’Donnell Griffin installed the charge spot on behalf of client Better Place, the leading electric vehicle (EV) network and services provider.

The charge spot provides drivers with the ability to charge the battery of the EV with 100 per cent renewable energy, powered by ActewAGL. Better Place will be rolling out a full service EV charge network nationally, with the initial deployment of the network infrastructure commencing in Canberra in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Head of Deployment at Better Place, Mr Geoff Zippel, said “The Better Place network will make it easy, affordable and attractive for motorists to adopt and drive electric vehicles.

The charge spot in Belconnen is the first ‘metal in the ground’ for Better Place in Canberra, and a significant and exciting milestone."

CEO for O’Donnell Griffin, Mr David Rafter, said “The reality of electric vehicles moving into the Australian market and overtaking their fossil fuel rivals has reached a significant milestone with the installation of one of Australia’s first public network charge spots in Canberra.

“A critical part of the electric vehicle infrastructure and the future of Australian transport has commenced. We are extremely pleased at O’Donnell Griffin to be part of this forward thinking environmentally sustainable initiative,” he said.

A suite of Mitsubishi-MiEV cars, which do not have an exhaust pipe and are powered by a battery, recently arrived for lease in Australia and will be the first EVs plugged into the Belconnen charge spot.

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